Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Applesauce-Easy as 1,2,3

When was the last time that you looked at the ingredient list on the back of a jar of applesauce? Even some of the “healthy” ones at Whole Foods have stuff in them that I cannot pronounce, let alone tell you what it is! If you are an applesauce lover, do not fear, once you realize how easy (and cheap) it is to make your own applesauce, you will never buy it in the store again!

What you will need:
Step 1-Simmer the apples
-Food Processor
-Large Stock Pot
-Cinnamon (optional)
Prep Time: 45 minutes

Step 2-Pour into Food Processor
I used 14 apples of varying types and colors. This is also perfect for apples that are bruised. If you have more or less apples, don't worry, just adjust the water level. First I removed the core and sliced them into wedges.

I brought about 1/2 cup of water to boil in a stockpot and threw in all the apples, turned it down and let it simmer for about 30 minutes. It smells delicous. You can add blackberries, strawberries, pears or any other combination you like, just put them in with the simmering water.

Step 3-the Magic happens
When it's all squishy and mushy pour it all into your food processor and turn it on. No need to drain it. Adjust your time processing it if you like it chunky or smooth. It should only take about a minute. I added some organic cinnamon and there is no need to add any sweetener, the apples are sweet enough.

 From this batch I got enough for 1 pint & 1 quart mason jars. Make sure to refrigerate them and eat them quickly since there aren't any preservatives. It should last for about 2 weeks.  


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  1. I made this all the time in the winter- so yummy and comforting in the cold months of Ohio! Also, my friend's 10 year old son LOVES it and actually now prefers it over the corn syrup sweetened stuff!