Friday, July 6, 2012

Healthy Kettle Korn

I'm a snacker and I needed something to replace cheetos, baked lays or even pretzels.  I have fallen in love with my airpopper.  I got mine on amazon for less than $20 and it's well worth it (it's the yellow one on the bottom).  Every kernel is popped so there is less waste and you can control what you put on it and make it as healthy or decadent as you want. 

Microwave popcorn scares me, literally. Not only is it ridiculously overpriced, but what is that metallic thing in the bag?  There are over 40 different chemicals in a bag of microwave popcorn, including one called perfluorinated carboxylic acid.  Seriously?  What is that?  It's $2-$3 for a box with 3 bags, or with 1 pound of kernels I can make over 50 cups of popcorn!  That's enough for a few months and it only cost $1 a pound.  You can't get more frugal than that!

I love the baby white kernels, but I haven't been able to find them in Oklahoma.  We have our friends and family ship us 5 pound bags at a time from Ohio.  We have also tried the red, and blue kernels (they pop white) and the standard yellow kernels that you see everywhere.  The baby whites are easier to digest and have less annoying hulls that get stuck in your teeth.

Kettle Korn Recipe
1 scoop of popcorn kernels (use the inverted scoop in the lid of the machine)
1 1/2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil
equal amount of salt & natural sweetener to taste (we use truvia)

Shake vigorously and enjoy! If you have any left, which we never do, you can put it in a ziploc bag for later. It's the perfect amount of sweet and salty, and no high fructose corn syrup in sight!

One of my favorite new finds is Organic Coconut Oil.  We use it in place for butter or oil for everything.  It does have a light coconut flavor, so if you hate coconut this may not be for you.  It's not overwhelming or sweet, but you can taste coconut, which makes it delicious in my mind!  We use it every morning in the pan when we cook our eggs.     You need to store it on the counter, it turns solid in the fridge and you can't scoop it or use it.  I'll be working on a full post on coconut oil and it's many uses, but go out now and try some!


  1. I should try some coconut oil in my eggs this morning! And I'll definitely have to try your kettle corn recipe!

  2. I have a different popcorn popper. Can you tell me what your scoop measures out to? How much salt/truvia do you typically use for that scoop. The bags you gave us were excellent!!

  3. I think it's about 1/4 cup unpopped, which fill almost a gallon size ziploc when popped. I do about 2 tablespoons of truvia and maybe a teaspoon of salt? I really just eyeball it. Pour the melted oil on first and then the salt/sugar so it sticks. Then I just shake & enjoy.

  4. Hi, Lexy! I am new to your page, but so inspired by watching Carrie transform, you girls are getting my attention!! Anyhow, I love kettle Korn, but I HATE coconut of any kind. Blech! Is there something else that can be used? Thanks! Keep up the good work! You're inspiring me!

  5. Thanks for finding us, we love to hear from our readers!!

    You can also use real actual butter, which is what we used to do before we found coconut oil. Since we are all about eating clean, we don't use margarine (since it's made of plastic) or any of those other sprays, I haven't found one without chemicals.