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Don't let Comparison Steal your Joy

Below is a guest post from one of Lexy’s & Carrie’s friends, Samara. She is an avid follower of the blog and has had some exciting progress in her “get healthy” journey. We hope your enjoy her story as much as we have.  She's also a true fashionista, and is already working on a follow-up post about how to present your best self in regards to body shape & size.  It will definately be a must read!   
From Frumpy to Sexy for my 30th Birthday!
 If you would have asked me 10 years ago, I would have never thought I'd get to be over 150lbs. mean, I'm only 5'2"! I've never been a "skinny" girl, I have big thighs, and because I'm so short you can definitely see any weight in my tummy first. In college I took dance classes every day, then after college continued dancing, then took up running...and always tried to go to the gym to "stay fit". Well, all the sudden I woke up and my desk job, age, and lack of lots of activity hit me hard! I didn't notice my clothes weren't fitting well...but I just kept growing wider and wider! I am a girly girl, love fashion, music, performing, being with myfamily, friends, being the center of attention...and slowly, it's like I started to hide or something!

About a year ago, it seemed all of my friends went of some sort of a fitness/health kick (including Lexy & Carrie). I had been, "going to the gym" to get fit...but "it just wasn't working". (Secret was, your menu has 95% influence whether anything is going to "work".) But, anyways my friends would lose weight it seemed pretty fast...and I was getting nowhere it felt like! Then I'd binge and eat heavy meals and I would have to start all over again. I couldn't understand how they'd be making changes in their lives and they'd see a difference so quickly! Getting a desk job was giving me "secretary's spread" across my booty and my pants were not fitting & my tops were becoming too tight too! Then, all my friends were giving me their clothes that were too big for them! (Even some people who I had thought were bigger than me previously!) Normally I love getting new clothes, but this was starting to hurt. Don't get me wrong, I needed them (& thankfully some things were too big) but I felt like I was being left behind...yes, I threw another pity party...but things started changing in my head. I was honestly and truly happy for my friends, I always had been...but now I was going to make changes in my life for me, not because everyone else was or because that's what I knew I was "supposed to do". Besides my clothes not fitting, I wasn't being me, really. I was too self-conscience to be myself & wow I felt old & tired!

I still used my friends as sources of encouragement, because man they are hardcore, have great ideas and let's face it, I'm competitive. However, I wasn't going to be upset when I wasn't seeing the same types of results.

 I had a plan of action. I worked with my personal trainer on a menu, but honestly, it wasn’t anything I hadn’t read before online or from other trainers. So my meal plan had set items that I could have for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner, but this made it easy for me! My husband, (who is 6'2") said I used to eat more than him! (and I’m a foot shorter!) Now, I know when I'm hungry, when I'm not, and when to stop if I'm cheating a lil just to get that craving! I tend to eat a lot of the same items from my meal plan options (b/c it makes it easy for me)! Some of those options are

· Breakfast:egg whites with red & green bell peppers & tomatoes/plain oatmeal (then I add truvia & cinnamon)/ sometimes I do a protein & meal replacement shake – which is great b/c it satisfies my constant desire for ice-cream!

· Lunch: baked/grilled chicken/fish/turkey, rice/sweet potato & veggies (I use sodium free Mrs. Dash for flavor, and maybe a teaspoon of olive oil to cook with!)

· Dinner:normally a protein (like chicken) and veggies.

· Snack:2 rice cakes or 2 small (thumb sizes) pieces of dark chocolate!

· If you want fruit…earlier is better & berries have the lowest sugar count…but honestly I would eat SO much that my sugar count was way too high (natural or not!)

But from eating from a set menu – with specific items (sized and set in a certain calorie/sugar/sodium/protein regiment). I know what my body is saying to me. I know when I’m actually hungry, and when I’m just thinking about food b/c I’m bored. I also have self control! I used to have a “cheat” meal or a special treat…and once I started eating whatever it was, I wouldn’t stop till I was basically sick to my stomach! Now, I can have a little bit of whatever it is I was craving…and be satisfied & not gorge myself!

Cardio-I started by doing 1,800 calories burned each week (about 1 hour/3 times a week) and worked my way up. Now, I do about 1 hour /5 days a week, which is between 3,000-3,500 calories burned. It's not always easy, I had to find things that worked for me to keep me going for an hour! The more cardio I do, the more weight I lose. Eventually, when I hit my goal, I can cut back to 3 times a week just to maintain, instead of losing.
My indulgence-I have a personal trainer. He is amazing....and I work out with him twice a week for 30 minutes each time. (I gave up the random spending for this one!) I don't like lifting on my own, and won't force myself to do it. I have been trained before and know how, I’d just rather not if I’m not pushed. I also wanted someone who was unbiased to encourage me and keep me on track. If you do want to go this route, I think it's important that you have a good respect for that person and you like them! I like mine because he told me up front, “Look I will work hard for you, and I want it for you, but you have to want it and work hard too. And if you don't, I will fire you as a client. I don't want you to waste your money, and I don't want to waste my efforts either.” At first, I was kinda scared...but ya know what, I pushed myself to show him he didn't have to worry about that, I was going to work hard and I truly did want this for myself! I will say that a personal trainer is not the only way...there are lots of other ways too...group fitness classes, running clubs, free fitness events in your city, workout videos (I have my favorites!)& lots of stuff online & on YouTube!
I didn't weigh myself for the first month. That doesn't work for some people...but I honestly didn't lose a bunch of pounds at first. But, after a few weeks I could see a difference in the way my clothes were fitting and I had more energy! Then I weighed myself and lost 16lbs. and now I've past the 25lbs point! I'm not were I want to be yet. But, I do have a realistic healthy goal of what I know my body can be at!
So, don't give up! It'll take time before you're able to see the results, but they will come with a vengeance! (They say that sweat is fat crying...and man let it cry goodbye! Oh, and I don't really enjoy sweat..but when I think of it that way...) Remember, the weight crept up on you over a long period of time, it just happened that one morning I woke up and went to put on my jeans, held them up and said...my butt is not this big...and low & behold...is not this big...and low& behold... my booty was that big…and those jeans were not too big at all! That was another one of those moments where I was like, wow I’ve gained a lot of weight! So, the change will happen...don't give up, don't compare yourselves to other people as hard as it is...some people lose it fast in the beginning and then plateau and others are slower starting and then all the sudden you've dropped a ton of weight! You're not alone on this journey and we are all in different places!
·          Take Control!
·          Make your goals (weekly, monthly and long term-allow them to change as you and your body evolve!) Mine went from, just getting my cardio in for the week, seeing a little difference in my clothes, wanting my work clothes to fit properly again, wanting to wear something scandalous ;) for my 30th in Vegas to wanting to be swimsuit ready!
·          Keep a positive and encouraging outlook..whatever you have to do!
·          Push yourself a little more than what you thought you'd be able to do today!
·          Don't give up!

Samara & Lexy Pre-Healthy lifestyles!

Samara & Lexy-Healthier & Happier

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