Friday, March 8, 2013


Thank you to all of our faithful readers for checking us out a few times a week and for sharing your stories with us.  Just last week Carrie received the statement to renew our domain name for another year.  How exciting!  We will run a 1 year anniversary contest in April, so be on the lookout for it. 

This marks our 100th post.  We weren’t quite sure how this year would go with sharing of topics and getting regular posts written despite our hectic lives.  Neither of us are perfect and we have indulged when we shouldn’t have or skipped workouts that were scheduled.  But hopefully we can learn from that and from you!  From eye opening movies like “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” to motivating books like The Skinny Rules and more failed pinterest recipes than I care to admit it’s been a year of learning & change.  I have put on some pounds and haven’t been as dedicated to my workouts as I need to be.  I have not sunk back to my Diet Coke obsession but am constantly battling my sugar addiction.  I need you all to keep me motivated and on track.  I have read the books, done the research and have seen my body transform and I don’t want to see any more of those pounds creep back on.  It’s a slippery slope and the more “crap” you eat the hungrier you are.  I was at an event today and really couldn’t avoid eating pizza, so I had 2 slices of Papa John’s thin crust with cheese.  It was over 450 calories and I was still starving!  I would have to eat pounds of vegetables before I would even get close to that 450 and I would be stuffed. 

I wanted this post to be a unique milestone, but sometimes you have to just keep plugging away and realize you are making small changes.  One way I will be forced to get back into the gym on a regular basis is that I started a new job as the Vice President of Financial Development for the YMCA of Greater OKC!  With our family membership we will have access to all kinds of Y amenities including a wellness program for employees with time off and cash incentives.  My Associate Director teaches multiple classes a week so I am sure I will have to check those out.  I have taken Body Pump, Spinning and Yoga before but I am intimidated by the thought of Zumba, and anyone who has seen me dance, or lack of dancing, may understand why. 

I hope this chart is as inspiring to you as it was to me.  Join me in dropping that extra tire, 2 year old, or even a newborn giraffe!


What milestones have you reached and how do you celebrate those achievements? 

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