Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easy, Healthy Ice Cream

I alluded to this ice cream in my almond butter post last month.  If you haven’t read it, scroll back, it will change your life!  Living in Oklahoma, we have plenty of days of 100 + degree heat all summer.  This recipe doesn’t take much to perfect it, and I promise you will be enjoying this summer.  Pull out that handy dandy food processor, you’ll need it!

Gravel Banana Pieces


Almond Butter (optional)

Cocoa Powder (optional)

When your bananas are getting pretty brown and spotty, and probably too mushy to eat, you have a perfect banana for the ice cream!  Peel it, and slice it and throw it in a sealed sandwich baggie and pop it in the freezer.  When bananas are on sale I stock up and let them ripen for a few days and then restock my freezer for ice cream goodness.  You have to make sure to slice it up, otherwise your food processor will be very mad at you for trying to blend up a frozen solid banana.

1 baggie/1 banana is 1 serving of ice cream, so plan accordingly. 
Whipped Banana Ice Cream

Throw the frozen banana slices in and turn it on.  It will start to look like gravel, just be patient.  It will slowly whip into this heavenly banana deliciousness.  If you want, you can stop right there.  Ice Cream is done.  It’s light, airy and creamy.  I have yet to find a 1 ingredient ice cream in the grocery store. 

If you really want something decadent put in a tablespoon of almond butter and cocoa powder.  Blend it up and you have chocolate almond banana ice cream.  It tastes sinful, but you know it’s not, since you made it!    

Decadent Chocolate Almond Banana Ice Cream

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  1. This ice cream is delicious! I even fed it to my 9 year old nephew and he loved it too! You can make multiple servings and freeze it, but it is best fresh in my opinion:)