Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Myth Busters

When I tell people I eat healthy and organic I always hear “It’s so expensive.”  I am here to tell you that is a LIE!  First of all, I would like to spend my money on putting actual food in my body, not added preservatives and chemicals I can’t pronounce.  If your body isn’t worth it to spend some time and money putting quality products in, what IS worth your money?  Heard the adage “Garbage in, Garbage out?”  It applies here also.  Whether that ‘garbage’ is a double cheeseburger, fries and a giant soda, or it’s a prepackaged frozen ‘healthy’ entrĂ©e full of substitutes for real food.  If you aren’t putting good products in your body, why would you expect to get good results?  When I was devouring a bag of potato chips or a candy bar it’s no wonder I was tired afterwards, I wasn’t putting real nutrients in my body.  I didn’t sleep well, I always had headaches, runny nose, upset stomach and the list goes on and on.  An amazing thing happened when I started eating real fruit & vegetables and food that only had itself as an ingredient.  I felt better, I looked better, I had more energy and I wasn’t getting sick.     

I don’t know what grocery store you shop at, but a bag of mini carrots is always cheaper than a bag of Doritos.  And cold refreshing tap water is always cheaper than a 2 liter of soda.  When we switched from eating all of those convenience foods to eating clean, non processed, and as many organics as we could afford, our grocery bill didn't go up!  The groceries we bring home now are completely different and I don't have a stocked pantry that would sustain me through WW III.  I was used to having at least five boxes of cereal on hand, half a dozen boxes of macaroni and cheese, dozens of cans of soup, boxes of cake and brownie mixes, and a stockpiled freezer full of pizzas, garlic bread, chicken nuggets, ice cream and skillet meals.  Now my freezer has frozen berries,  vegetables, ezekiel bread and organic chicken and beef.  My pantry has dried black and garbanzo beans, whole grain brown rice, quinoa, almonds and steel cut oats.  On a cold day I can have soup, but it's not the can that has over 20 ingredients, most of which don't resemble soup.  I can actually make it according to my taste with the vegetables and protein I want to eat.  And I'll freeze some for upcoming lunches.  Sure it takes more time, but isn't your body and your health worth more time & effort? 

Another benefit was our eating out budget decreased greatly!  Most of the items at any standard restaurant that I would eat were salads and grilled chicken and vegetables.  I found out pretty quickly I could make those at home, customized to my flavor palette, for a lot less money.  We will go out to eat and have a few great healthy restaurants, but it's not a nearly daily experience.   

Yes, buying organic produce is going to be more expensive than buying produce that is sprayed with all kinds of chemicals, which you then ingest.  There are many different tips on how to save money when purchasing organics, but it basically boils down to this concept.  If you eat the skin, buy organic.  Watermelons, bananas, and oranges will all taste better when they are organically grown, but you get rid of the rind, and that thick skin protects the fruit you are eating.  Apples, strawberries and grapes all have a thin skin and any pesticides can easily seep through to the actual fruit.  

I will warn you that you will have to go to the grocery store about every five days.  The fresh produce you are buying won't last much more than that.  How long do you think the preserved boxed goods that sit in your cupboard for six months will sit in your stomach?  I'm not suggesting you go out and buy every organic or healthy looking product you can get your hands on.  Just start exploring.  Stick with what you know, just read labels and make a healthier choice.  Instead of a jar of applesauce with high fructose corn syrup and ascorbic acid, how about a fresh apple or making your own applesauce, which is super easy and another upcoming post!  Whole Foods and Trader Joe's both have their own organic house brands, and Target, Walmart, Meier and other major stores are all following suit.  Just remember an organic cookie, is still a cookie and should be eaten in moderation.  Once you get used to reading labels you will be amazed all the 'ingredients' (and I use that term loosely) that are in there that don't need to be.  Margarine is actually grey, smelly plastic that has so many artificial colors and flavors added to it, it resembles butter.  Why don't I just gnaw on my printer?  Or how about using actual butter, or olive oil or coconut oil.  You still get the flavor, but not the plastic.  


  1. Love this post! It is so true! By watching sales and picking and choosing what you buy and not being wasteful, eating clean and organic can totally be affordable! And that doesn't even take into account all the health care costs we are saving!

  2. Eating healthy is a lot less expensive for our household. We constantly bought boxed food that we never ate and then ate out. When we made the switch we threw out half the boxes in our cabinet because they had expired (yup, they had been in there that long!). The other half of the boxes we donated. I love all the space we have in our cabinet now for appliances.