Thursday, December 20, 2012

This little piggy went to Market

I am sure you have heard it a million times, shop the perimeter of the grocery store!  No good can come from those bagged, boxed, frozen, processed food-like products.  Not only are they full of chemicals and have all the nutrients stripped away, they just don’t taste as good as real food!  Not to mention that shopping the perimeter makes my trips so much quicker.   

I keep the’ fast shop’ app on my phone and just add to it whenever I use up the last of something or I see a recipe I want to try and I need some unique ingredients.  My weekly grocery list also depends on what is in season and what is on sale that week.  Since we make all of our own almond butter when roasted unsalted almonds are on sale I have been known to buy 20 pounds.  I can’t eat 20 pounds of spinach before it goes bad, but for dried/bulk items I stock up when I can.  And obviously I don’t buy organic blackberries for $10 a pint when they aren’t in season in the winter.  I find something else that is in season and enjoy that.  Or I will buy frozen berries for smoothies if they are out of season.  Sometimes I will just find type of produce I haven’t tried before and bring it home and scour pinterest for a healthy way to prepare it.  Sometimes it works (liked brussel sprouts) and sometimes it doesn’t (like beets).    I never would have thought I would grow to love those little baby cabbage's, but I can't get enough! 

My weekly grocery list includes:

·         Almond Milk

·         Organic Apples

·         Avocado

·         Bananas

·         Broccoli

·         Brussel Sprouts

·         Organic Carrots

·         Organic Celery

·         Organic Eggs

·         Garlic

·         Organic Grapes

·         Green Beans (fresh, not canned)

·         Bell Peppers (all colors)

·         Kale

·         Larabars

·         Lemons

·         Limes

·         Fresh mozzarella cheese

·         Onions

·         Steel Cut Oats

·         Spaghetti Squash

·         Organic Spinach

·         Sweet Potatoes

Monthly or as needed:

·         Almonds

·         Cashews

·         Coconut Milk

·         Dried Black Beans

·         Dried Chickpeas

·         Ezekiel Buns/Bread/Pita/Tortilla

·         Evol Burritos

·         Free Range Organic Chicken

·         Grass-fed Organic Ground Beef

·         Green Tea bags

·         Jalapeno’s

·         Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups or some organic dark chocolate

·         Local Honey

·         Parmesan Cheese

·         Quinoa

·         Unrefined Coconut Oil

I can be much stronger when I don’t have temptation in the house.  So I avoid the cookie/chip isle and I don’t bring it in my house.   When my only ‘snack’ is green grapes or carrots, then that’s all I can really indulge in.  I usually have a dark chocolate bar hidden somewhere and can always pop a batch of healthy kettle korn.   If I don’t have a bag of Cheetos or a frozen pizza, and I won’t be tempted to devour it when I’m hangry (that’s hungry and angry for those of you who haven’t experienced me in all my glory!)  And if I do devour it I know it won't taste nearly as good as I remember since my body is accustomed to real food now! 
What must-have's am I missing on my grocery list? 


  1. What's so bad about beets? I used to be scared of them having only known the pickled variety. However, I have discovered roasted beets have a nice, earthy sweet flavor. I like roasted beets julienned (sort of, I'm no chef!) on salads. Also, I have a recipe for a kale and beet Risotto that's really good, and would be awesome for any girl who loves pink because it is a brilliant color. That said, I don't run out and buy beets all the time, but I also don't start to fear when they arrive in my CSA. Oh and the greens can be used in place of any recipe that calls for spinach or other greens. We like using the greens in our homemade veggie stock.

  2. There is nothing wrong with beets, they are really good for you! I just don't like the earthy flavor. The golden variety tastes less like dirt to me, but I just have a hard time eating them. My father in law loves them and eats them almost everyday.